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Fast, simple and efficient solutions for individuals or businesses. Be accessible, anytime, from everywhere...

Whenever you are sitting at a computer you could have complete access to all of your e-mails and, more importantly, you'll never have to change your address ever again.

Our integrated accounts include POP3 and IMAP protocoles as well as our powerful WebMail system. They will allow you to read your e-mail from either:

  • your normal PC or Macintosh in the same way as you normally access the account provided by your ISP or work
  • any Internet-connected computer, using our WebMail - à la Hotmail - but with much more flexibility and memory storage...

Enjoy a combined web and e-mail address — simply, in fact will go to (thanks to Ouarz CatchIt-All)

Specifications & Pricing

Price (per year) 20.00 50.00 150.00 200.00
- Mailboxes (POP3 & IMAP)131015
- Great WebMail √ √ √ √
- Unlimited e-mail addresses (aliases) √ √ √ √
- Ouarz CatchIt-All (catch-all e-mail) √ √ √ √
- Storage per mailbox (on server) 10GB 10GB 20GB 20GB
- E-mail forwarding √ √ √ √
- E-mail blocking (SPAMs & Virus Filters) √ √ √ √
- Confirmation of 'e-mail received' √ √ √ √
- E-mail Folders √ √ √ √
- Auto signature √ √ √ √
- Address Book √ √ √ √
- Reply from your own e-mail address(es) √ √ √ √

Some of the Features...

Integrated E-mail

Using any Internet connected computer you can access your e-mail at any time through our powerful WebMail system. You can also use an e-mail client such as Outlook Express or Netscape Mail (through POP3 or IMAP). Full details on how to configure your e-mail client can be found in our Help zone.

Large Server Disk Space

You receive a certain amount (at least 10GB) of disk space with each of your e-mail accounts, this is totally dedicated for your mail storage (not web space) and it is MUCH MORE than what you get with many other e-mail providers.

Auto-Responder (Vacation)

Automatic replies to incoming e-mail with a brief message that you compose. For example, 'I am away from the office and will return on the first of next month'.

E-mail Fowarding

Redirects incoming e-mails sent to your account to another mailbox. As an additional option you can choose to retain a copy in your inbox.

Multiple attachments

Ouarz e-mail accounts let you send and receive attachments of up to 20Mb (many e-mail providers cannot handle attachments at all or offer only limited size).

Junkmail & Virus Blocking

Allows you to block Spam and other faked files that are sent to you. In addition, we keep a 'Known Spammers' listing that we constantly update, so you don't waste any time!

Ouarz WebMail

Fully featured WebMail

The WebMail is a powerfull system providing you with a full web based access to your account with all the additional features you have come to expect. For instance support for multiple POP3 accounts is also enabled, allowing you to fetch mail from other servers so you can regroup your messages into one place.

Confirm Reading

Postmarking permits you to confirm that your most important messages have reached their destination. When a message is read by the recipient, a 'confirm-reading receipt' will be sent back to you.

Mail Filters

Instead of receiving all your mail in the Inbox, you can create some filtering settings to pre-sort your mail automatically for you.

WebMail Customisation

You can attach a signature with your name and address to each of your e-mails. A fully featured address book is also provided... in fact Ouarz WebMail offers many opportunities for customisation.

Mail Folders

Use folders so you can store your mail the way you want. And thanks to the draft folder, save an unfinished message and continue editing it later. By default, the Sent folder will keep a copy of what ever you sent.


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